Deflex: A reliable and trusted partner

"Help our customers get to the top by providing them outstanding development
services and high quality products that stand out from the competition thanks
to the dedication and professionalism of our entire team."

A simple mission that leads to outstanding results… For you!

Deflex firmly believes in the benefits of new technology and new management
procedures. But even the best machine is useless on its own. That's why Deflex
invests so much in its human resources. Every member of the team is a collaborator
and is treated with respect and dignity—core values that are reflected in the way we
deal with our customers.

Here's what our organizational structure can offer you:

  • A professional workforce with over 30 years of expertise
  • A complete R&D department
  • Automated production and a 30,000 sq. ft. plant
  • On-time delivery thanks to thorough planning
  • Tight quality control at every stage of production
  • Optimized risk management thanks to safe infrastructure
  • Ecologically responsible management at every step of the process

In other words, we've always got a plan B for you!

Deflex: Family and know-how

Deflex Composite was created in 1990 by Serge and Bruno Jacques, who started offering fiberglass subcontracting services out of a rented garage. In the beginning the bulk of their manufacturing work was devoted to deflectors for all-terrain vehicles, which is why they chose the name Deflex.

The brothers leveraged the success of these fiberglass parts to negotiate their first contracts. In 1995, they built a 3,600 sq. ft. plant. The orders kept rolling in, the plant grew, and the company flourished.

With their knowledge of fiberglass and product manufacturing, they can offer customers first-class fiberglass parts at better-than-average value. Today, thanks to the quality work, flexibility, and team spirit of each and every employee, the company can manufacture high level products built to your exact specifications.

We create success for you. That's our real mission!
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