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Dynamique, débrouillard, durable, développeur et différent

Process D: More than an approach,
it's a way of thinking

At Deflex, process D is a symbol of the synergy between the 5 major
characteristics that define our quality management system, the lynchpin
of our organization and our client approach.

D for Dynamism
Every internal process is constantly under scrutiny to find ways to improve and evolve.
This ensures you always get the highest possible level of quality and uniformity in
your products.

D for Daring
Because developing innovative products and processes takes initiative, ambition, and resourcefulness. Daring, on the individual and team level, is valued throughout our organization.
This guarantees you will never be stuck.

D for Dedicated to sustainable development
We are aware of the impacts of our actions. That's why we monitor and improve every stage of production to ensure ecological responsibility.
This ensures you are making a committed effort to longterm sustainability.

D for Development
From needs analysis to delivery, from prototype to finishing, managing risk for ourselves and our customers is central to how we create products. Responsible and visionary development is impossible without that commitment.
This ensures you will always be fully supported.

D for Difference
We always put the customer first. We adapt to you. We work to simplify our systems and do things differently to provide major savings for you and help set you apart from your competition.
This gives you more for your money.

D for Deflex, committed to your success!