Produits de fibre de verre ou de matériaux composites pour le domaine de l'agriculture

Do you manufacture farming equipment?

  • Deflex takes care of composite moldings for you.
  • Deflex takes care of product integration for you.
  • Deflex takes care of R&D for you.
  • Deflex takes care of development for you.
  • Deflex takes care of scientific research and
    experimental development for you.


  • Consultation services to optimize your composite parts and your productivity
  • Manual, assisted, and automated deburring
  • HLU molding
  • Injection molding (Lite RTM)
  • Simultaneous pulverization (chopping)
  • Integration of additional parts and a variety of services offered
  • Painting and polymerization
  • Electronic traceability (RFID)
  • Uniform quality
  • ISO 9001-2008 certification

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