Deflex: A partner with the right tools
to create value-added, high quality
products on time, every time!

Automated deburring

  • Uniform cutting
  • High precision cutting and drilling
  • Uniform quality
  • Fast production
  • Faster and more affordable engineering changes
  • Competitive prices

Contact laminating (HLU)

  • Uniform thickness
  • High quality surfaces
  • Competitive rates
  • More cost-effective development

Injection molding (Lite RTM)

  • Lower basic material requirements and uniform thickness
  • Lighter parts for lower overall product weight
  • Energy savings and greater respect for the environment
  • Improved structure


  • Competitive rates
  • Uniform thickness
  • Fast production
  • Time savings
  • Inspected basic materials

Electronic traceability (RFID)

  • On your schedule and according to your specifications
  • Better follow-up and ultra-high quality control thanks to an electronic chip in every mold
  • Preventive monitoring and maintenance of molds
  • Traceability of basic materials

All the technology required to manufacture fiberglass parts that surpass your highest expectations!